Friday, January 23, 2009


21:44 Fri 23 Jan 09 CST -- KS
Well tonight I got to use a yellow broom to clean the snow off our new toy.....the yellow FJ Cruiser; strange the snow came off it the same as any other car that we have ever owned in the last 60 plus And since my wife drives this car all the time why I am out there with a broom in the 19 degree temp?? Oh yes now I remember it is because she is going to take it to go to lunch and shopping with her friend Jean. Aha I am not out foxed as there are some good Big 12 Conference NCAA Basketball Games tomorrow; so it will just be me and Teager the cat which isn't a bad deal at all.
So I hope the Kansas Jayhawks come to play and not just stand around and look pretty.

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Hedy said...

You forgot to mention the reason I'm going out tomorrow is to get the BRUSH GUARD AND HOOD PROTECTOR put on the FJ Cruiser that you said would be good protection for it. PLUS, I'm going shopping to the store where I will be picking up some PEPSI for you to drink during the games. Hmmmmmmm! lol