Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Heat

08/12/2010 Thursday 0827 hrs.
Yes I realize that it is still August in Kansas but this weather has added new meaning to the phrase "Dog Days".
So I am thinking of Christmas and KU Jayhawk Basketball; what more could one ask for except perhaps to move to 29 Palms, CA where there is no humidity and then the heat feels real good on old tired bones. Of course to make this happen I will have to kidnap my wife and not turn her loose until we are setled in a home there and even then she might make a break for home and all her good friends.


JanieBelle said...

Help - Everything is either melting or catching on fire. So you are still wanting to move to 29 Palms. good luck finding the type of house that you want &/or need.
Take care and have a super day, my friend.

Susan said...

Try hawaii and you might have company and she might go willingly